Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Doesn't live up to it's name. If you name a film something that big, it should be awesome.

This one doesn't quite make it.

The storyline is predictable. Forest creatures battling to save or kill the world. Human girl gets thrown into the mix. yada yada yada.

The animation is AWESOME! Those people had so much fun creating the world and characters. Perhaps they should've channeled some of that creativity into the story.

Good voices. Nothing offensive.

Worth a view? Yes. Grab it on Redbox or Netflix

Worth a buy? Probably not unless you're kids beg on their knees. Mine didn't. That's $20 bucks saved.

Did you think Epic was epic fail or epic awesome?


  1. lol $20 saved. That's the attitude.

  2. We saw it. I was grateful that they didn't go the environmental route that so many pictures like these do. Lydia loved it for Josh Hutcherson. I thought it was boring.